About Us


GUANXIAN XINRUI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. (formerly known as GUANXIAN RUIXIANG BIOTECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD) was set up in 2007 and had registered funds 100 million Yuan. The company can process 300,000 tons of wheat per year, and using the wheat material we can produce wheat flour, wheat gluten, wheat starch A and wheat starch B. Starch B and pentosan can be used into producing alcohol and animal feed. The company has deep processing  circular economy industry chain. We imported the most advanced technology, tri-canter separation technology, in the wheat gluten production. All the line is clean and closed. Its output value, production equipment, technology and quality are in front of national counterparts.


XINRUI GROUP was established in May 2003, covering a total area of more than 1,000 mu, after several years of development, formed GUANXIAN XINRUI WOODEN INDUSTRY CO., LTD. with annual production quantity of 300,000 cubic meters of density board in 3- residual comprehensive deep processing forestry industry, people’s livelihood cogeneration, urban heating, gas supply;  GUANXIAN XINRUI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. (formerly known as GUANXIAN RUIXIANG BIOTECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD) deeply processes 300,000 tons of wheat annually; SHANDONG KAWAH OILS CO., LTD. deeply processes 180,000 tons of soybean annually; WHEAT AND NON-GMO SOYBEAN PLANTING BASES, formed diversified industrial group company, achieved an annual output of 2.8 billion yuan.


SHANDONG KAWAH OILS CO.,LTD was established in 2014 with a registered capital of 120 million yuan. It is a provincial leading agricultural industrialization enterprise integrating plantation, research & development, deep process and import & export, processing 180,000 tons of NON-GMO soybeans annually. It takes domestic NON-GMO soybeans as raw materials and extracts NON-GMO soybean oil, low-temperature food grade soybean meal, isolated soy protein, dietary fiber step by step. Advanced production technology is applied in producing isolated soy protein. The core equipment is the spray drying tower of the DACHUANYUAN, with a single line capacity exceeding ,. It is the largest single production line in CHINA.

GUANXIAN RUICHANG TRADING CO.,LTD was founded in 2011 with 6 million yuan of registered capital, exports isolate soy protein, wheat gluten and solubel dietary fiber directly to overseas customers from factory, the export proportion is over 60% of the group companys’production capacity, achieved integration of industry and trade.