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Soy diatery fiber is separated and extracted from NON-GMO soy beans, which is the De-bitterized and Fat-free fenugreek seed powder,rich in fenugreek protein and dietary fiber without adding calories. It contains both soluble and insoluble dietary fibers and essential amino acids. Since it is de-bitterized it can be used in food, protein powders and other preparations, like kechup. It is saponin-free and hence will not induce appetite. In fact, it suppresses appetite by acting as a calorie substitute and bulk-forming agent.

● Product Analysis

Appearance:                                              Light yellow
Protein ( dry basis, Nx6.25, %):                 ≤20
Moisture(%):                                              ≤8.0
Fat(%):                                                       ≤1.0
Ash(dry basis, %) :                                    ≤1.0
Total Edible Fiber (dry basis,%):               ≥65
Particle Size(100mesh, %):                      ≥95
Total plate count:                                      ≤30000cfu/g
E.coli :                                                       Negative
Salmonella:                                               Negative

Staphylococcus:                                        Negative

● Packing & Transportation

Net weight : 20kg/bag;
Without pallet—9.5MT/20’GP, 22MT/40’GP;

● Storage

Store in dry and cool condition, keep away from sunlight or material with odor or of volatilization.

● Shelf-life

Best within 12 months from production date.

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