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Wheat gluten pellets are further pelleting from wheat gluten powder. 

In aquafeed industry, 3-4% wheat gluten is fully mixed with feed,  the mixture is easy to form granules as wheat gluten has strong adhesion ability. After being put into water, the nutrition is enveloped in the wet gluten network structure and suspended in water, which will not be lost, so that the utilization rate of fish feed can be greatly improved.  

●Product Analysis

Appearance:                                              Light yellow
Protein ( dry basis, Nx6.25, %):                 ≥82
Moisture(%):                                              ≤8.0
Fat(%):                                                       ≤1.0
Ash(dry basis, %) :                                    ≤1.0
Water Absorption Rate (%):                      ≥150
Particle Size:                                            1cm long, 0.3cm diameter.
Total plate count:                                      ≤20000cfu/g
E.coli :                                                       Negative
Salmonella:                                               Negative

Staphylococcus:                                        Negative

● Packing & Transportation

Net weight : 1 ton /bag;
Without pallet—22MT/20’GP, 26MT/40’GP;
With pallet—18MT/20’GP, 26MT/40’GP;

● Storage

Store in dry and cool condition, keep away from sunlight or material with odor or of volatilization.

● Shelf-life

Best within 24 months from production date.